Doggy Daycare

Give your dog something to look forward to every day! Does your pup struggle with stress from being left alone all day? Or do they even suffer from boredom and tend to eat the couch, your shoes, and sometimes even the dining room table? Our premier daycare service is a great way to relieve the boredom and give your pup the exercise, mental stimulation, and supervised socialization with dogs and people that they need! Whether you're at work, away for the day, or just want to give your pup a fun-filled day, please consider daycare! Our convenient location makes us the best option for dog daycare in Polk County and Winter Haven FL!

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Why Choose Doggy Daycare

  • Provides physical activity, exercise, and stimulation (especially good for young, high-energy dogs).
  • Builds confidence in many dogs that are timid & fearful.
  • Can help deter your pet from many behavorial problems such as chewing and digging.
  • Offers a safe and controlled environment for socialization and play.
  • Play Groups are divided by temperament to improve safety & quality of playtime.
  • Dogs love to play! They'll be tired at the end of the day after hours of playtime.

Outdoor Play Areas

We have lots of outdoor areas where the dogs play. All of our yards have natural shade and are covered in AstroTurf. This provides the dogs with a softer surface while they play, ensuring lower impact on joints as well as a cleaner play space. Many dog-friendly objects can be found on both the "small" and "big" side. Whether your furry friend enjoys climbing, sitting, or even lounging in the pool, we offer it all. Our "big" side even features an 8-spout splash pad! Dogs have access to water at all times.

Indoor Play Area

Our indoor play area is a climate-controlled area that is a great place to exercise and play no matter what the weather looks like outside. During inclement weather, we use our indoor play area to group the dogs. It's also important for dogs to keep cool in the warmer weather and have access to water at all times!

Special Activities

Wet N Wild Days

During the summer, we have the BEST way to cool off! During our Wet N Wild events, your pup will have the time of their lives! From sprinklers and pools to frisbees and puppy ice cream. Do we need to say more?! During this day, we stretch our outside daycare time until 7pm to give your pup extended outside fun! We must have your pets most recent vaccine documentation prior to this event. Wet N Wild days are charged as a regular daycare day.

Seasonal Daycare Parties

We offer seasonal daycare parties for our party animals! These parties include special themed pictures, treats, and games.

Birthday Paw-Ties

We offer special parties for your pups special day. Whether it's your pups birthday or "got em" day, please notify us so we can celebrate with our play mates!

Let's Get Started

All pets must be spayed or neutered and complete a temperament evaluation.

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