At Four Paws Only, our goal is to alleviate the anxiety of leaving your pets behind while you travel. We take the same care of our "guests" as you would in your home. You can rest assured that your pets will be loved by us while you are away and they will receive the very best care and accommodations. We offer boarding for both dogs and cats in our family-owned and operated facility.

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Dog Boarding

Dogs can enjoy spacious runs, no matter their size. Each dog is exercised at least 3 times a day, and play days can be added in addition to their stay. Per owners request, dogs from the same house may stay together.

Cat Boarding

Each cat has their own personal, multi-level cat condo in a dog-free section of our facility. Each condo features 3 levels for comfort, bedding, and a private litter box. The room is climate-controlled and offers 2 windows that provide natural lighting to enhance the level of comfort for our cat guests. Each guest has their own "play" time rotated throughout the day, where they can look out the window, lounge around, or play with the provided toys. They also have 24/7 access to Animal Planet during their stay!


Grooming. You can make arrangements for your dog or cat to be groomed before the end of their stay with us. Check with the front desk for pricing.

Play Days. While your dog is boarding with us, you can add "play days" to their stay! This is a unique experience for them to socialize, and play all day in a supervised, cage-free environment. Your dog can enjoy playing in our air-conditioned play area, and have frequent opportunities for outside play time in our fully AstroTurfed play yards! Play days are an additional charge of $13 per day.

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