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17 Years of Pet Care
in Polk County, FL



When I had to go out of town for a few days, my friend recommended Four Paws to me, for Heidi, my lab. When I met the folks that care for our four legged family members, I knew they truly love animals. Heidi was in great hands and that gave me peace of mind. Thank you Four Paws.

Laura J.

For all the dog owners and lovers out there, this is a great place! I have been taking my dog there for boarding, nail clipping and doggy day care for over 4 years now. I have a rescue dog who has some serious anxiety and "fearful biting" issues (seriously, this dog could be a test study for a DVM student's thesis!), so I have to be very careful whenever I take him anywhere around people. But they are so great with him. They truly love dogs and take care of him so well. They even call me throughout the day when he is at doggy day care to let me know how he is doing, whether it's a good day or a bad day (when he gets put in timeout&seriously). Jagger (my dog) is very at ease in their environment. For some reason, he is totally fine with other customers and other dogs when he is there, which is the exact opposite of his reaction everywhere else. Their prices are great for boarding, day care and nail clipping. I haven't found as good of treatment for a reasonable price anywhere else. Jagger loves it and I hope others do too!

Jennifer R.

If you’re unsure where to leave your furry babies while you go on vacation I'd like to recommend Four Paws. I was going to board my two dogs at the vet and their price was $30.00 per day per dog. Very expensive. My sister used Four Paws because it was recommended to her and she loved it. She told me about it and now I love it. Their price was $13.00 per day per dog (for my size dog), much more affordable. Not only was the price reasonable but they provide all the food, let them outside to play several times a day, the staff was very friendly (they even helped me bring my dogs in from the car), and they have tv monitors in the waiting room so you can observe the dogs while you're there. It was a great experience for me & my dogs and I will use only them in the future.

Alice A.

They have done a stellar job at caring for my babies! My husband and I will keep going there. They are family run, and we always get a family feeling when we take our pups there. That's so comforting to us when we have to board or fur babies.


No other place is like Four Paws Only. I take my dog there at least once a month to get a bath. The workers there are always so happy, and very friendly. They treat their customers so well. Whenever I say wanna go to Four Paws Only, my dog jumps up and runs to the car! He trusts them, and that’s really all that matters to me. I can trust the workers there, they treat all animals with respect, along with their owners. I also board my dog there, and the kennels are all different sizes. It's very clean, and they let your dog run free in the huge caged in yard, instead of being on a leash. I definitely think everyone should try this place out. I haven’t had one problem yet! I can trust them to keep my pet safe! I highly recommend everyone to go there. You won’t be disappointed. The best place in Lakeland :) Also they just opened up a doggy daycare! This is the best thing that they could ever offer! I’ve always wanted to take my dog to a daycare during the day, while I’m busy with things, while he's kenneling here, or just after his bath. It's an awesome idea, so I highly recommend you check this out as well! It's worth it!

Tanya W.

Great place, great staff, and my cat Willow loves it and he is so clean and soft after a day at 4 Paws Only is great place for pets. The people here are great and so are the "boxers". I highly recommend.

Kathy G.

I have been going to Four Paws for a long time. I have tried other groomers to see if anyone else has a better style, but so far seem to find that Four Paws is the best cut for the money. My dogs always seem happy when they go in and come out.

Vivian F.

Good pet grooming here, and reasonable, by friendly staff. They also have some pet supplies for sale, and they also do boarding. Family members have also used them for grooming. Located on Edgewood Dr, near Hwy98S. Good parking, easy to get in/out.

Gail B.



M–F: 7AM–5:30PM
Sat: 7AM–3PM
Sun: 9AM–11AM (pick up & drop off)
4PM–5:30PM (pick up only)