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17 Years of Pet Care
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Dog Daycare in Polk County, FL

When you can't be home with your doggie, your doggie can be playing and getting the exercise and attention he needs instead of chewing on your home, or that fancy pair of new shoes. Doggie Daycare is a place for doggies to play and socialize with other doggies, and hang out with humans too!

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What goes on during Doggie Camp?

Dog Daycare Winter Haven FL

  • The doggies are grouped by size and temperament and are supervised by our staff at all times.
  • Our indoor play area is air conditioned and the doggies will be let outside at least once every 2 hours as a group.
  • We also have individual resting areas for the doggies if they get tired or overexerted.

Is your Doggie ready for Doggie Camp?

We test all pets for their temperament before they join our Doggie Day Care so we can provide the most pleasant stay possible for all of our guests. Some dogs socialize better with large high-energy dogs; some have more fun with smaller dogs. Some just want to be alone and have one-on-one attention with love and attention throughout the day. We will make sure your furry loved one is placed in the environment most appropriate for him where he will thoroughly enjoy his stay.

Daycare Pricing:

Single Day $20.00
3 Day Package $54.00
5 Day Package $85.00
10 Day Package $140.00
30 Day Package $390.00

Daycare Photos

Dog Daycare Bartow FL Dog Daycare Polk County FL
Dog Daycare Winter Haven FL Dog Daycare Polk County FL
Dog Daycare Bartow FL Dog Daycare Winter Haven FL



M–F: 7AM–5:30PM
Sat: 7AM–3PM
Sun: 9AM–11AM (pick up & drop off)
4PM–5:30PM (pick up only)